A wide range of textures are offered such as antique or handmade - to achieve the desired design.
Also, special grades with water resistance are available.

Laminate Data
Facestock   Liner Total (±10%)
 Type gsm  Type    Caliper
 Wine Ivory 90   Glassine 74 gsm   217 186
Wine White MATT 95   Glassine 74 gsm 211 191 
Wine Ivory 90  Pet30 mic 182  154
Wine White MATT 95  Pet30 mic 176 159 
Wine Embossed 90   Glassine 74 gsm 219 186
Wine EGO   90  Glassine 74 gsm
 203 186
Wine Martele   90 Glassine  74 gsm  202 186
Wine Silver Pearly 90  Glassine 74 gsm 200 186

Adhesive - P33

Description:  Temperature:
High tack acrylic adhesive for special tasks with high performance.
Min' application: > -10oC
Service: -40oC/100oC

Performance & Use: Regulation:
This high clarity adhesive has been specially developed for cold and moist applications. The high tack on wide temperature range together with high shear resistance, make this adhesive most suitable for rough surfaces such as rough cardboards and HDPE containers

Initial Tack:                15 N/25mm     FTM9 glass
Peel Adhesion 180o :    20 N/25mm     FTM1 St.St

Printing methods
Suitable for various printing methods, including: Letterpress, Offset, Flexo, *HP Indigo (some grades) and silk screen printing.

Shelf Life
Conventional Printing: 2 Years
HP Indigo:
1 Year

Shelf life under storage conditions as defined by Finat

Humidity:           40-50%RH
All figures to be considered as typical values

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