Established in 1985, today Nirotek is the leading company in the Israeli market and one of the leaders worldwide.The company develops, produces and markets a wide range of customer-oriented solutions in 3 main areas:
Self- adhesive, Lamination and Coating.
Nirotek never straying from impeccable standards of quality.

Product Range:

  • Self- Adhesive materials in reels and sheets for a wide range of uses  
  • Carbonless Copy Paper
  • Coating: Fluorescent paper, silicone, primer coating for printing and other uses
  • Special laminations

Core Capabilities

  • Development: Nirotek invests significant effort and resources in order to continue and improve on existing capabilities, whilst developing innovative solutions to answer changing client demands, allowing Nirotek and its customers to adjust to the fast-changing world of the 21st century, and remain at the forefront of technology.
  • Coating & Adhesive materials: Coating materials, including adhesives, have been successfully developed over the years to comply with market and environmental requirements. This has enabled us to produce tailor-made solutions for unique applications.
  • Service: Nirotek has the ability to offer the client a combination of solutions that are complemented by existing production processes.
  • Production: Nirotek has an advanced production system operated by a skilled workforce. Aside from high professionalism as part of the working culture at Nirotek each worker is responsible for the quality process and product – ensuring high standards are kept throughout the production chain. The production process is accompanied by strict and intensive tests which ensure a process where the client receives the product according to his request and required quality.
  • Marketing: Professionalism and service have been our guideline over the years. In depth knowledge of the market and an understanding of client needs had produced a fabric for long lasting business relationships and granted us the ability to grow and adapt to the ever changing challenges and market demands. Understanding the market and its clients is core to our success.

These capabilities enable us at Nirotek to produce and sustain competitive solutions