As part of our growth strategy at Nirotek, we put an emphasis on research and development to add value and offer sustainable competitive solutions, which strengthen our position as a market leader and give you, the client, the necessary means to stand at the forefront of the market.

The goal of our R&D team members is to use their expertise in core areas in order to lead new trends. It is also within their responsibility to establish original ways of thinking in the production of coatings and laminations.

Building on its expertise and the continuous improvement of core strengths, Nirotek has unique capabilities allowing it to develop customer oriented solutions by working closely with our customers.
This process of side-by-side work offers the customer advantages such as the development of highly specialized lab and field test methods, product simulations and prototype production. This results in quick yet closely controlled scale-up processes

The help of a varied professional team- which includes engineers, chemists and laboratory technicians and using advanced in-house research facilities – allows us to answer the specific and ever-changing technological requirements of our customers, giving them confidence for the future.