Our coating technology produces a uniform coating of the substrate, resulting in stable release values over time. Our release liners are suitable for a wide range of applications

Glassine: Glassine paper coated with silicone on one or both sides, high transparency and strength together with constant thickness. These features make the paper suitable for fast, automatic labeling machines and allow trouble free die cutting and stripping during printing.

Kraft paper (CCK): Clay Coated Kraft paper, silicone coated on one side is mainly used for sheets. This paper can be back-slit during lamination which makes manual peeling much easier and preserves the perfection of the label.

Polyester (PET):
Clear polyester coated with silicone allowing high transparency. The characteristic strength of the polyester makes work at high speed and resilience to tearing possible. Polyester is also heat resilient and chemicals resistant.

Release Force:

Engineering the release strength to the printing speed and application is necessary to allow the label to part from the liner, the better the suitability the easier and faster work can be carried out.

In order to fully comply with different printing and application methods, three types of release profiles are produced:

Flat Release: Release force does not change with increased machine speed

Dynamic release:  Increase in release force with increased machine speed

High Release:  Decrease in release force with increased machine speed