Conventional Printing:
Nirotek has developed the ability to coat webs such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) - Top Coating – in order to grant them the capacity to adsorb and hold the colours/inks used in the varied methods of conventional printing such as silkscreen, UV letter press, Flexo and more…

The coatings developed at Nirotek are of a high quality and have a long shelf-life (before and after printing). The formulas and technologies used to create these coatings protect the original quality of the substrate surface and allow for high quality printing.

Digital Printing:

The labeling market is developing very quickly and adapts itself to the changing demands of the consumer world.

The labels on the product serve as an advertisement that has a major influence on the consumer's readiness to purchase the product.

Digital printing is regarded today as the most productive and high quality way of label printing. The speedy progress in the technology and digital production of the labels is not just a good solution suitable to all types of printing but has quickly become the backbone of the industry.

One of the prominent benefits of this technology is the ability to transfer complex graphics, in a comparatively simple process, to print and therefore allows completion of relatively short jobs at low cost compared with conventional printing.
This digital printing technology requires early preparation of the substrate surface to ensure that the label will retain the ink while printing; to do this face substrate must be coated with special substance that grants it the ability to absorb and retain the ink.

Nirotek has developed a unique range of coatings for a variety of substrates – paper and plastic material such as Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). These coatings were developed using known coating technology for long shelf life and excellent absorption.